my Board Buddy

Smartboard magnifier

Get a better view of the smartboard with my Board Buddy. Suitable for all visually impaired students and adults.


What does my Board Buddy do?

This simple but genious device makes a vibration-free, maximum magnifiable duplicate of the smartboard or any other projection, while maintaining the original image quality and offering the possibility to manipulate the colors. It’s both ideal as add-on to existing school systems with a camera and as a stand-alone device with a monitor. The joystick and simple, colorful buttons & the fact they can determine which view works best for them turn this device into your best solution for a better view of the smartboard. Students will be more involved during lessons and can participate actively in the class exercises. my Board Buddy helps to work independently.

Product Folder
Teacher / lecturer

Selects which content to duplicate and share with one or more students. The selected content is shown on the smartboard while other content remains invisible.

Wired or wireless (wifi)

Use either wired or wireless network to connect the host to my Board Buddy.

The user manipulates the image

The my Board Buddy user (student) can manipulate his or her screen image: change magnification, invert colors, pan and center.


my Board Buddy functionality

The joystick moves the magnified image quickly and easily. The simple and colorful buttons determine the magnification and color contrast. The red button changes the colors to grey-tones. The white button inverts colors: dark colors become bright, bright colors become dark. The yellow and green buttons adjust the zoom. The green button centers on full image, while the upper and lower yellow buttons zoom in and out. The teacher or lecturer manages the device on his or her laptop or PC via the "manager". Download the manualS to learn how to use, set up and install my Board Buddy.

Download the manual

my Board Buddy


Add-on to school systems

my Board Buddy is an ideal smartboard magnifier add-on to the existing school systems which ideally use the camera for magnification of analog info and class participation.

Stand-alone with monitor

my Board Buddy can work perfectly stand-alone with a monitor on which the user determines the magnification & color manipulation of the duplicated image.

Multiple buddies possible

Duplicate to multiple Buddies simultaneously. Each Buddy has control over the way the image is represented on his or her screen.

Wired or wireless + simple management

The my Board Buddy software is simple, the installation (wireless or via network cable) and management fast and easy. No need to adapt existing infrastructure.

The ideal add-on

but also a perfect stand-alone

magnification by camera
  • perfect for analog info
  • ideal for expressions
  • smartboard magnification
  • pixels, vibrations, blurred images
magnification with splitter
  • a 1 on 1 duplicate
  • no magnification possible
  • no color manipulation possible
  • a lot of hassle with wires

Developed by Sensotec

This device was developed by Sensotec n.v., a Belgian company with over 30 years of experience in tools for visually impaired. Learn more about Sensotec:

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Interested to know user comments?

Liz, 9 years

Liz ,9 years old, is visually impaired. Thanks to my Board Buddy Liz can now follow everything in class. And that makes all the difference!

Jo, Teacher

Differentiated teaching is not a hollow phrase to teacher Jo. She strives every day to offer the right content for each of her pupils. my Board Buddy helps her tremendously.

Marc, 42 years

Marc has severe low vision. He is completely self-reliant thanks to assistive technolgy. my Board Buddy helps Marc to follow any business presentation perfectly.


my Board Buddy development

Sensotec developed my Board Buddy to solve a classroom situation that could not be overcome with existing devices. Sensotec employer Andy was triggered by the fact that we could not offer an adequate solution for a very real problem that one of our young low vision customers, Eline, was confronted with. No existing device could magnify the smartboard well enough for her to be able to see it. After having spent quite some time on developing the device, Andy was very proud to hand over the prototype of this simple but unique device to her. Eline was over the moon. Our customers keep inspiring us, as they always have.

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